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To practice paramedicine or use the title of paramedic in Alberta, all Emergency Medical Responders (EMR), Primary Care Paramedics (PCP) and Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP) must be registered with the College and hold an active practice permit.

The College has three registers:

General Register: The general register is for regulated members who have completed the registration exam and/or have met upgrading requirements; or have been registered through the labour mobility or substantial equivalency routes. These regulated members can provide care at their practice level without supervision.

Provisional Register: The provisional register is an optional register for applicants who have not yet passed the registration examination but wish to work under supervision until they have done so. Members on the provisional register must adhere to registration requirements, including completing renewal. The provisional register is generally used by paramedics who are changing designations and wish to practice at their new designation.

Supervision must adhere to the requirements listed in the Paramedic Professions Regulation, section 18:

  • A regulated member who is supervising the performance of a restricted activity:
  • must be authorized to perform the restricted activity being supervised
  • must not be prohibited under the regulation from supervising the restricted activity
  • must provide the supervision in a manner that complies with the Standards of Practice respecting supervision by regulated members of persons performing restricted activities
  • must be physically present while the supervised member is performing the restricted activity
  • must be available for consultation and to assist in performing the restricted activity as required
  • must be able to observe, promptly intervene and stop or change the actions of the supervised member without unduly interrupting the care of the person on whom the restricted activity is being performed

Courtesy Register: This is a limited-time register for applicants who need to practice in the province for up to six months. This is not an ongoing membership or practice permit, but is an option for those who are responding to an urgent healthcare need, e.g. COVID-19 Support.

It is up to the applicant on which register they would prefer, both have their own benefits. Below is a breakdown to help choose between the two.

Registration Policies

In accordance, with the College’s Registration Policies, professional practice in Alberta requires practitioners to be fluent and proficient in the English language. The College may require you to demonstrate your fluency and proficiency in English.

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