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NEW Standard of Practice: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Involving a Patient – MEMBER CONSULTATION

As a regulated member of the Alberta College of Paramedics, you are invited to review and provide feedback on the College’s new Standard: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Involving a Patient. About the Standard As part of our obligations under Bill 21, the College is required to develop a new Standard of Practice addressing sexual [...]

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The Pulse: December 2018 Pulse

In this issue: President's Message, Significant changes to HPA as Bill 21 comes into effect, NEW Standard of Practice: Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Involving a Patient Member Consultation, Registrar's Message to the members regarding 2019 continuing competence, STILL OPEN Member consultation opportunity: Strategic Planning, Protected Titles under the Health Professions Act: what it means, [...]

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College files injunction for illegal use of protected title

Protected titles are granted to each regulated health profession through the Health Professions Act. For the paramedic profession, the protected titles and initials are outlined in Schedule 18 to the Act. Any person offering healthcare services in the name of a paramedic or any of the protected titles must be registered with and regulated by [...]

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2019 Required Competency Announced

The required competency for the upcoming Continuing Competence cycle (January 1 – September 30) is now completed. Members are now able to register for a start date as early as January 1, 2019. CC requirement for 2019 While originally thought this course would only meet the required competency for 2019, the Council has agreed that [...]

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