2019 Alberta EMS and Paramedic Conference

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2019 Alberta EMS and Paramedic Conference
May 30 & 31 | Edmonton AB


On May 30 and 31, four of Alberta’s paramedicine organizations will come together to learn about and celebrate the profession.

With the theme Stronger Together, the Alberta College of Paramedics with Alberta Health Services Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Medical Services Foundation and the Alberta EMS Awards Committee have come together to create a truly spectacular event for the entire EMS profession.

On May 30, Alberta Health Services Emergency Medical Services will kick off the two-day event with a day of learning. Following on the success of their inaugural EMS and Paramedic Research Day in 2018. AHS EMS will again present an opportunity for practitioners to learn about emerging topics in EMS research through a speaker series and poster presentations.

In the evening of May 30, the Alberta EMS Awards Committee will host this year’s EMS Exemplary Service Medal ceremony. This event recognizes long-serving and exemplary practitioners by the Governor General of Canada.

On May 31, the Alberta College of Paramedics will hold the College’s Annual Members’ Meeting, wherein all members of the profession will have a chance to learn about changes at the provincial level, ask questions about their College and upcoming activities.

In the evening of May 31, the Emergency Medical Services Foundation will close this year’s two-day event, with a gala to celebrate and promote the profession. The College’s award winners will also be honoured during the gala.

May 30

8 am to 4 pm – EMS and Paramedic Research Day | Agenda
5:30 to 9 pm – EMS Medal Ceremony (invite only)

May 31

8 am to 3 pm – College’s Annual Members’ Meeting | Agenda
6 to 10 pm – EMS Foundation Gala

AHS EMS: EMS and Paramedic Research day – May 30, 2019



Alberta College of Paramedics: Annual Members’ Meeting – May 31, 2019


On May 31, the EMS Foundation will close this year’s two-day event (2019 Alberta EMS and Paramedic Conference), with a fundraising gala to celebrate and promote the profession. Proceeds from this event will fund EMS Foundation Programs and initiatives that support Paramedics and Patients in Alberta.

May 31
Cocktails 6 pm|Dinner 7 pm
Delta Edmonton Hotel South Conference Centre
4404 Gateway Blvd NW

Gala Poster


Delta Hotels Edmonton South Conference Centre – map
4404 Gateway Boulevard NW
Edmonton, AB T6H 5C2
Phone: 780-434-6415

Parking is free


A conference block has been arranged at the Delta Hotels Edmonton South Conference Centre.

  • Standard Rooms – $153/per night
  • Deluxe – $183/per night


For reservations please contact Delta Hotels Edmonton South Conference Centre by telephone or use the booking line below. Please ask for the Alberta College of Paramedics Conference rate before Monday, April 29, 2018. Reservations based on availability.

Note: If you book through a third party you may be subject to a different rate.

EMS and Paramedic Research Day Presenters (May 30)

EMS and Paramedic Research Day
Keynote Speaker: Evidence Based Medicine in EMS and Paramedic Care


Ms. Jan Jensen, ACP MAH SR

Mr. Tim Ford, ACP – BIOGRAPHY | Importance of Research to the Paramedic Profession

Mr. Marc Leduc – BIOGRAPHY, Ms. Trina Johnson – BIOGRAPHY and Ms. Leanne Blahut – BIOGRAPHY | Why Research is Important for Health Care and the Health Care System

Mr. Ian Blanchard, ACP – BIOGRAPHY | The AHS EMS Research Committee – what it is, and what it isn’t.

Mr. Shaun Cowan – BIOGRAPHY and Dr. Sandy Widder – BIOGRAPHY | From Injury to Surgical Intervention: The Evidence Supporting the Role of Paramedics in Fluid Resuscitation and Trauma Team Activation

Dr. Gerald Lazarenko – BIOGRAPHY | The Canadian Research Outcomes Consortium (CanROC) 2019 Update

Mr. Ryan Lee, ACP – BIOGRAPHY | Documenting a Cardiac Arrest – Reflections from a Paramedic

Mr. Dale Weiss, ACP – BIOGRAPHY and Ms. Nicola Cavanagh – BIOGRAPHY| Paramedic Chiefs of Canada Whitepaper

Dr. Robert Welsh (Edmonton) – BIOGRAPHY | A Tale of Two Cities: Treatment of STEMI Patients in Alberta – The Edmonton Story

Dr. David Goodhart (Calgary) | A Tale of Two Cities: Treatment of STEMI Patients in Alberta – The Calgary Story

Dr. Mark MacKenzie – BIOGRAPHY | Challenges in Putting into Practice Research Evidence – The EMS Stemi Story

Chief Darren Sandbeck, ACP – BIOGRAPHY | Closing Statements – The Future of EMS and Paramedic Care in Alberta and the Role Research Will Play

Mr. Tin-Shan Chung | Prognostic Factors For Survival After Pediatric Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Mr. Christopher Picard | A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis of Tourniquet Devices For Speed Of Application, Successful Hemostasis And Patient

Mr. Joe Acker | Prehospital Analgesia With Intra Nasal Ketamine (PAIN-K): A Randomized Double-Blind Trial In Adults

Ms. Cheryl Cameron | Defining Mentorship In Prehospital Care: A Qualitative Analysis Of The Characteristics Of Prehospital Mentors

Mr. Jabin Binnendyk | Exploratory Study of the Road to Mental Readiness Program Within Emergency Medical Services Personnel In Alberta Health

Mr. Steven Amrhein | Educating Community Paramedics: A Grounded Theory Analysis

Mr. Ian Blanchard | Linkage of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Patients to Health System Outcomes: A Comparison of Two Approaches

Mr. Marc Boutet | In-flight Medical Emergencies: What to Expect

Ms. Nicola Cavanagh | Psychological Distress in Emergency Medical Services Practitioners: Identifying and Measuring the Issues

Dr. Matthew Douma | National Automated External Defibrillator Operational Readiness: A Public Access Defibrillation Program Population-based Survey

Dr. Matthew Douma | Development of Survivor and Family Informed Quality Indicators for Non-traumatic adult out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest Care

Dr. Matthew Douma | Chest Compressions in a Height-Restricted Aeromedical Helicopter

Dr. Matthew Douma | Describing Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest to Improve Recognition: An Analysis of Online Cardiac Arrest Videos

Ms. Emelia Dozorec | Common Misconceptions of Supervised Consumption Services and Bridging the Gap Between SCS Services and Prehospital Care

Mr. Nathan Hart | Short Duration Huperoxia Does Not Decrease Cerebral Blood Flow in Anterior and Posterior Cerebral Circulations: Implications for Prehospital Care

Ms. Keri Huot | Transition Support for New Graduate Paramedics

Ms. Jan Jensen | Evaluating Paramedic Comfort, Confidence and Cultural Competency in Providing Care to Trans Populations in a Provincial Ambulance System EMS Kengis

Ms. Jan Jensen | The State of the Evidence for Emergency Medical Services Care of Adult Patients with Sepsis: An Analysis of Appraised Research from the Prehospital Evidence-based Practice (PEP) Program PEP Sepsis, Greene et al. 2019

Ms. Jan Jensen | Does the Paramedics Providing Palliative Care at Home Role Align with the Professional Identity of Paramedics: A Qualitative Study of Paramedics and Health Care Providers in Nova Scotia Focus Groups with Paramedics Regarding Paramedic Identity, Carter et

Dr. David Long | Out of the Silo: A Qualitative Study of Paramedic Transition to a Specialist Role in Community Paramedicine

Mr. Scott Mullin | The Effect of Operator Position on the Quality of Chest Compressions Delivered in a Simulated Ambulance

Ms. Erica Olson | AHS EMS PAWS Psychological Stress Study

Ms. Catherine Patocka | Does Spaced Instructional Design Result in Improved Long-term Retention of Pediatric Resuscitation Skills? A Randomized

Mr. Chrisptopher Picard | Hey Google? Evaluating Digital Assistants’ Ability to Recognize and Respond Appropriately to First Aide Queries – A Mixed

Mr. Efrem Violato | Obedience to Authority and Patient Harm in a Simulated Clinical Scenario















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