Effective immediately the College is removing the requirement to be registered on the provisional register before gaining access to the registration examination. This decision reinstates a direct method of registration on the general register, which was the registration process offered prior to 2017.

The College Council’s recent approval of the COPR registration examinations has removed the College’s involvement in the development and delivery of the registration exams at the PCP and ACP levels. In spring of 2021, this will also include EMRs. Exam candidates will need to have proof of completing their education program, but there is no requirement to be on a register with the College before taking the COPR exam.

This method of registration has benefits for practitioners who wish to complete all elements of registration before paying practice permit fees. Please note though, this decision does not eliminate the ability to register on the provisional register while waiting to take the registration examination for those still wishing to work under supervision at their (new) designation.

The bottom line: there are two streams for registering with the College and applicants can choose the stream that is right for them.

Please see below for information about each stream.

If you have any questions, please contact our registration staff at Registration@ABparamedics.com.