Alberta College of Paramedics Reinstates Former Registration Committee

Alberta College of Paramedics Reinstates Former Registration Committee

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SHERWOOD PARK, AB, August 30, 2018

The Council of the Alberta College of Paramedics (the “College”) has reinstated the former Registration Committee.  The former Registration Committee was terminated by the Council of the College on January 22, 2016.  Litigation brought by the former members of the Registration Committee seeking a judicial review of the termination has been ongoing since that time.  The litigation has now been resolved by agreement of all the parties.

Each of the former members has received a letter from the President of the Council, Mr. Peter Helfrich, in which he stated that he, in his capacity as President and on behalf of the Council and College, apologized for “every impact the decisions of the former leadership (both Council and College) have had on (their) reputations.”  The Council recognized that the former Registration Committee was at all times acting in the best interests of the College, the membership and the public, that its conduct of registration reviews were in accordance with the policies and directions of the College in force at the time, and acknowledged their continued dedication to acting ethically and in the best interests of the public.

The former Registration Committee were reinstated to their former positions and they have now graciously and voluntarily resigned from the Registration Committee.  The Council of the College acknowledges these members’ dedication to the College’s mandate of advancing the profession in serving the health and wellness of Albertans, and to acting in the best interests of the College, the profession, and the public – a mission to which both the College and former Registration Committee are committed.

The event giving rise to the conflict between the College and the Registration Committee was very challenging and required the balancing of many interests, including those of the public, the profession, and the membership, both specific and in general.  The Council acknowledges that its communications to the Registration Committee about its attempts to address these issues were inadequate, and that the Council’s motivation and efforts to deal with the results of the application of the College’s policy were not well‑communicated to the Registration Committee, the membership, and the public, resulting in unfair criticism of the Registration Committee.

The Council admitted to gaining valuable insight from this experience and have made significant changes as a result of this event.  “Our current leadership is committed to fair and transparent dealings with all members, committees and stakeholders going forward” said Helfrich.

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