Changes to reporting immunizations effective January 1, 2021

Changes to reporting immunizations effective January 1, 2021

Currently all Advanced Care Paramedics (ACPs) are authorized by the Paramedics Profession Regulation and receive education and training through their entry-to-practice education to competently administer a vaccine. For ACPs who are performing this restricted activity, new changes to the government’s reporting requirements are coming into effect on January 1, 2021.

Although administering a vaccine is a restricted activity that is also granted to Primary Care Paramedics (PCP), it is not in the curriculum of current PCP programs. The College is working on enabling administration of the seasonal influenza vaccine within the PCP scope of practice, but until then, administering a vaccine is currently not permitted for PCP regulated members.

The Government of Alberta’s Immunization Regulation outlines additional responsibilities regarding immunizations for all authorized healthcare professionals, including ACPs. Appropriate reporting helps improve the provinces ability to manage outbreaks, improve immunization services and aims to increase immunization rates.

Effective January 1, 2021, the regulation mandates all health professionals, including ACPs, to report immunizations and related assessments to the Chief Medical Officer of Health through the Immunization Direct Submission Mechanism (IDSM).

IDSM reports must be submitted within seven days of the date the vaccine is:

  • administered
  • recommended but refused
  • contraindicated

Additionally, an ACP is required to report, again within seven days, of receiving a written record about past unreported immunization(s). ACPs are also required to report adverse events following immunization, whether they administered the vaccine or not.

To understand more about reporting requirements (what and where to report) visit Alberta Health Services’ AEFI reporting page or call 1-855-444-2324. For more information, please review Alberta Immunization Policy.

Reminder: ACPs administering vaccines must follow the requirements related to vaccine storing, handling and transporting as outlined in the Immunization Regulation. ACPs providing publicly funded vaccines (i.e. employed with Alberta Health Services) must also follow parameters outlined in the Alberta Vaccine Storage and Handling Policy for Provincially Funded Vaccine.

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