Correction and Apology – President’s Message

Correction and Apology – President’s Message

In my President’s Message in the August 15, 2018 edition of The Pulse, I referred to the resolution of the legal issues with the former Registration Committee relating to their prior termination by Council. My words were poorly chosen and could have been understood as being critical of the former Registration Committee. That was not my intention and I wish to state clearly and emphatically that:

  1. The College recognizes that the Former Registration Committee was at all times acting in the best interests of the College, the membership, and the public, and that its conduct of registration reviews was in accordance with the polices and directions of the College in force at the time.
  2. The Council acknowledges that its communications to the Registration Committee about its attempts to address the issues giving rise to the conflict between the Council and the Registration Committee were inadequate, and that the Council’s motivation and efforts to deal with the results of the application of the College’s policy were not well-communicated to the Registration Committee, the membership, and the public, resulting in unfair criticism of the Registration Committee.
  3. The Council acknowledges the Former Registration Committee’s continued dedication to acting ethically and in the best interests of the public. Council finds the resolve of the members of the Former Registration Committee in restoring their reputations admirable.
  4. The Former Registration Committee was not frustrating to deal with and, on the contrary, conducted themselves at all times in a professional manner. Further, the Former Registration Committee has not harmed anyone and the profession has, in fact, been strengthened by the public discussion that has taken place over the last three years.
  5. As a result of the legal actions brought by the Former Registration Committee, Council and the College have gained valuable insight, made significant changes, and our current leadership is committed to fair and transparent dealings with all members, committees, and stakeholders going forward. We thank the Former Registration Committee members for their efforts to address this situation.

Yours in service,

Pete Helfrich

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