COVID-19 Approved for 60 Credits

In 2020, regulated members have been called upon to fill an incredible need during a global pandemic. This need came upon the profession quickly and gave no one the time to adequately prepare for the magnitude of response required.

Each of you are being tested with every new announcement and are developing skills in resiliency, as well as in planning and executing contingency strategies. These are skills or competencies that cannot be taught through formal continuing education – they must be learned through experience and practical application, and they are just as valuable as formal education.

We recognize that regulated members are involved in a variety of roles within the healthcare structure and that each of you have stepped up in whatever way you’ve been asked to respond. This experience has resulted in learning, greater understanding and skill development for all members – regardless of your specific practice setting.

I, along with Council and the Competence Committee agree this is not the time to stress over meeting additional Continuing Competence (CC) requirements. In recognition of the addition time spent learning and updating skills during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Alberta College of Paramedics officially approves:

COVID-19 approved for 60 credits (20 hours continuing education)
for the 2019/2020 CC Cycle.

To claim the COVID-19 credits: 

Log into your profile in the member portal and select approved CE course from the continuing education activity type to add COVID-19 to your CC record. 
This will meet your requirements for the 2019/2020 year. Click here for more information on Adding COVID 19 to your CC record.

All members who claim these credits will receive a brief feedback form
to provide key learnings and takeaways from the COVID-19 experience.

The College will email confirmation to you to keep in your records for this activity.

Approving credits in this manner falls within the legislative authority granted to the Registrar and Competence Committee and is supported by Council. This solution also requires no changes to the CC program, is fast and easy to implement, requires no additional resources (human or financial) and most of all, recognizes your incredible work during this time.

We appreciate your patience as staff and the committee worked through all aspects of this issue to arrive at a reasonable, appropriate and cost-effective decision to address this year’s requirements. The College is already working on ways to address CC for the next cycle, in the event the pandemic persists and continues to create issues for members seeking continuing education (CE) opportunities.

If you have any questions, please email

Stay safe out there,

Tim A. Ford

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