2019 Council Nominations close

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Nominations for Council are now open and being accepted. There are three, three-year term positions open on Council for the 2019 elections.

The terms of three Council members expire this year: Pete Helfrich, Melissa Manion and Ian Burgess.

There are also two vacancies on Council due to two resignations: Christina Fobes and Lance Sheppard.

While there will technically be five open positions on Council, Council has chosen to open only three positions for election, to maintain the intention of realigning with the 1/3 turnover of terms each year; as specified in Bylaw 2.5, Terms of Office of Regulated Council Members.

Council is permitted to operate with between six and nine elected members, as per Bylaw 2.2, Composition of Council, and by filling the three positions will be at seven elected members.

As per Bylaw 2.5, Terms of Office of Regulated Council Members e) elected members of Council may not serve more than two consecutive terms… Melissa Manion and Ian Burgess are eligible, should they choose, to run for a second term.

If you are interested in running for Council, view the Becoming a Council Member document for more information on the process, some answers to frequently asked questions and for who to contact if you have additional questions.

Nominations Deadline

All nominations must be submitted on the forms provided in the nominations package. Nominations must be received by email or fax by the College no later than May 10, 2019.

Elections Process

There are significant changes to the 2019 elections process this year, as large elements of the Bylaws have been updated and the creation of the Council Charter has replaced the former governance policies. These changes have significantly streamlined the process for nominees/candidates and Council.

Changes to this year’s process:

  • The Bylaws now speak to full requirements for eligibility and ineligibility
  • Essays by the candidates WILL be made public on the College’s website
  • There is no Discovery Process wherein members must complete additional tasks before they can run for election
  • Council term start and finish dates are clearly identified

Replacing the Discovery Process will be the requirement that in the weeks leading up to their first Council meeting, new Council members will be required to:

  • Sign the Oath of Confidentiality
  • Participate in one conversation with their identified Council mentor
  • Complete the Jurisprudence exam (if not already completed)
  • Participate in governance training at the College


If you have any questions about the elections or voting that have not been addressed, please email us at communications@collegeofparamedics.org