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The renewal period was August 1 to September 30; however, you are able to reactivate your suspended practice permit from October 1 and November 12.

To reactivate your practice permit, you must first comply with any outstanding Continuing Competence requirements.

What about Continuing Competence?

The previous Continuing Competence (CC) cycle ended on September 30, 2020. If required, COVID-19 was approved for 60 credits to reactivate your practice permit for 2020/2021. All members who claim these credits will receive a brief feedback form to provide key learnings and takeaways from the COVID-19 experience. You will also need to have recorded this information on your profile before the application to renew will be available to you.

Reactivating your practice permit between October 1 and November 12:

  • Late renewal applications will be accepted from October 1 until 11:59 pm November 12
  • The cost to reactivate your practice permit is $700 ($525 renewal fee and $175 late fee)
  • Your professional liability insurance must be up to date. If it expired, you will need to renew your insurance and update your member portal profile with the new policy # and expiry date

If you have not reactivated your practice permit by 11:59 pm on November 12, your practice permit will be cancelled.

Steps to reactivate your practice permit:

  1. Sign into the Member Portal
  2. Complete any outstanding CC requirement(s) and update your CC record of activities on your profile
  3. Complete and submit the Practice Permit Renewal 2020/2021 application found in the member portal
  4. Submit payment of renewal fees of $700 ($525 renewal fee and $175 late fee)
  5. Complete payment of renewal fee and late fee by credit card (Visa, Visa Debit or MasterCard) or click pay in office*
  6. Click submit

If you need help:

If you prefer to reactivate your practice permit in the office, there will be computers available and staff to assist you.

Contact us:

Telephone: 780-410-4146 or toll free at 1-877-351-2267
Email: registration@abparamedics.com

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