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Please ensure you have started the application process by completing an application for registration form before you submit an Intent to Write COPR exam form. (Note: you must have completed the full registration process at least two weeks before the exam date.)

We are working on transitioning to an online process for the Intent to Write, but for now, please fill out the Intent to Write form PDF and email it to Exams@ABparamedics.com.

Candidates wishing to write an upcoming COPR examination must submit an intent to write form to the College at least 50 days (seven weeks plus a day) before the exam date. Please access the COPR website for all the steps required.

Candidates can submit the provisional registration application and the Intent to Write form while still enrolled in their education program, provided they will complete their education program (and the provisional registration process) at least 16 days prior to the COPR exam they wish to write.


The Provisional Register is the College’s register used for members who are waiting to complete the registration exam and/or require upgrading. This register allows members to work in the profession while under supervision for a year while they complete the examination.

The Intent to Write form is submitted by candidates who are in the process of completing their provisional registration and want to be added to the list of those wanting to take an upcoming COPR examination. A list of all the candidates that submit this form is sent to COPR to ensure adequate resources and space for the exam.

In the event the candidate is not successful on their first (or second) write, the Intent to Write form must be submitted each time the candidate wishes to take the exam. Whereas, the provisional registration is permitted for a year (with the possibility of a six-month extension upon request) without having to reapply.

Fees are collected by COPR through the third-party examination provider; Yardstick Assessment Strategies (YAS). YAS will email candidates with payment details and timelines.

If you have difficulty or questions regarding payment processes, contact the Yardstick Assessment Strategies Support Line at 1.866.793.4820.

An applicant with provisional registration is permitted up to three attempts at the approved registration examination. The applicant is expected to complete at least the first attempt within the 12 months of their provisional registration. The provisional registration immediately expires upon three unsuccessful attempts (or 12 months, whichever occurs first).

It can take up to 4 weeks from the date you write your exam to receive your marks. The College will make results available to all exam candidates as soon as possible and will inform candidates when the results are ready for viewing.

The COPR Examination Handbook outlines candidate recourse following a failed attempt at the exam. There are two options open to candidates, namely, a Manual Verification of Results and an Exam Appeal. A link to the Handbook with more information can be found here.

Candidates who wish to pursue either option should contact COPR through exam@copr.ca.

Once you have passed the exam, you will be added to the general register and be able to work without supervision.

Applications for Testing Accommodations must be received by COPR at least 35 days prior to the exam date. Information about the COPR exam application process can be accessed here.

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