Exam Process

Exam Process2020-04-24T13:47:45-06:00

You must first gain provisional registration with the College to apply to take the exam. For further information, please review About Registration or contact Registration@ABparamedics.com.

Written Exam Location
All written exams currently take place at: Clarion Hotel & Conference Centre, 2100 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, AB.

Clinical Exam Location
All clinical exams currently take place at: The Kings University 9125 – 50 St NW, Edmonton, AB.

Both locations are subject to change at the discretion of the College and will be communicated to all applicants.

Applicant Conduct at the Exam
All applicants are required to follow the rules and regulations for their conduct at and in relation to the examination.

You have a maximum of three attempts to pass the Provincial Registration Examination (both components) within your provisional registration. Please see our Exam Attempts Policy for more details.

You have 3.5 hours to write the written component, but it will depend on how quickly you are able to complete it. You can leave whenever you have finished.

The practical can take between three and five hours.

For both components, you will need to bring:

  1. Government-issued picture ID (driver’s license or passport) OR
  2. two of the following: SIN card, AHCIP card, birth certificate or school identification

For the written, you will also need:

  • Two HB pencils
  • a white eraser with no wrapper or paper cover