If you are already registered in another Canadian province, you may be eligible to apply for registration through Labour Mobility.

The criteria for Labour Mobility applications are:

  1. You are current, fit to practice and registered with a recognized provincial paramedicine regulator in another Canadian province
  2. You meet all the Alberta College of Paramedics registration requirements
  3. Applicants who have completed their education in Ontario and are applying for PCP or ACP registration with the College are required to have either successfully completed the COPR national exam at the requested designation or provide validation of employment within the Base Hospital system. Practice conditions may be added to their permit/registration based upon the education and competency review conducted by the College upon application.
    • EMR education in Ontario is not transferable to Alberta for registration purposes. College approved EMR programs in Alberta are listed on our website here.

The registration process for out-of-province applicants includes registration submission, completion of requirements, validation of education, employment, and references.


Applicants who gain registration in Alberta through labour mobility may have additional conditions on their practice permit. The conditions will be applied based on your specific qualifications, and serve to support your transition into Alberta to ensure all provision of care to Albertans meets College standards.