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If you are interested in serving on Council, please read the Becoming a Council member package to understand the requirements of Council members.

Calls for nominations are sent by direct message in April each year, with nominations due in May. Confirmed candidates will stand for election and the vote will occur within the timelines required by the College’s Bylaws in August.

A number of legislated committees support members and Council. Committee work is critical to successful self-regulation of the profession.

The College’s standing committees include:

  • Competence Committee: Provides support to Council and the Registrar by carrying out activities related to the development and implementation of the Continuing Competence Program. Competence Committee Terms of Reference are available here.
  • Registration Committee: Provides support to Council and the Registrar by carrying out activities related to applicant registration and practice permit renewals. Registration Committee Terms of Reference are available here.
  • Membership list for Hearing Tribunal: These members are trained in the hearings process and serve as the tribunal members who hear from the complainant, investigated member and witnesses details relevant to a complaint. The Hearing Tribunal’s decision can only be formally appealed through an appeal to Council.

If you would like to express your interest in working with the College on a committee or the hearing tribunal, please complete the Expression of Interest form.

The Provincial Registration Examination is the way the College assesses applicants who are seeking registration in the province. To assist with the practical component of the examination, the College requires, active regulated members at all designations to lend their expertise and skills; and serve as provincial examiners.

Provincial examiners are expected to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be an active, registered member of the Alberta College of Paramedics,
  2. Be current in CPR (CPR-C, HCP or BLS Instructor), ACLS and PHTLS or ITLS designations within their designation, and
  3. Have been registered for two years as a PCP or ACP if proctoring a PCP or ACP-level examination, OR
  4. Have been registered for one year as an EMR if proctoring an EMR-level examination.

Additionally, examiners are required to:

  • complete tasks accurately and in sufficient detail
  • observe the need for confidentiality and security
  • respond positively to guidance and advice
  • act professionally at all times
  • communicate effectively with colleagues, candidates and staff

For more information, or to apply, please see the Exam Provider Application Form. Questions can be emailed to: Only those applicants who meet the minimum professional requirements will be considered.