How to Register

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Log into your member portal profile to access the Registration Application. If you don’t have an account create an account.

There are four types of applications you can fill out to become registered:

  • New/Change of Status (for new practitioners or practitioners who are changing their level of practice)
  • Labour Mobility (practitioners who are new to Alberta, but hold current registration in another  regulated Canadian province) 
  • Substantial Equivalence (practitioners who meet the equivalency requirements)
  • COVID Support (for qualified practitioners who are looking to help during the COVID-19 pandemic – note: permits issued are only valid for three – six months)

How to apply

Log into the member portal to access the Registration Application. (If you don’t have an account create an account.) Once your application is processed, you will be placed on one of the College’s member registers:

  • Provisional
  • General
  • Courtesy

Note: Once you have gained provisional registration, you will then have access to the registration exam for your level of practice.

A practitioner who graduated within 12 months from an approved education program (Alberta educator)

A practitioner who wants to change their practice designation

Provisional registration gives a practitioner access to the registration exam and permits them to practice, under supervision, until they successfully pass the exam and move to the general register.

NOTE: Applicants must meet all registration requirements within one year from their graduation date.

A practitioner must be registered at the provisional designation before they are permitted to take the registration exam at that designation.

If you are moving from EMR to PCP or to ACP, you will need to take the exam at your new designation, making the provisional status at your new designation required.

Provisional registered members may only provide healthcare at their designation if they are under the supervision of a regulated member who meets all the following criteria:

  1. Currently holds general registration (not provisional or restricted registration) with the Alberta College of Paramedics at the same or a higher discipline level as the provisional member OR is a regulated member in good standing with another regulated health profession in Alberta.
  2. Is approved by the employer to provide direct supervision.
  3. Is able to directly supervise the practice and be able to immediately and physically intervene with no delay in patient care.

Submit the registration application, found in your member portal.

Application requirements include:

  • payment (Registration fees),
  • original transcript
  • complete online criminal record verification

Those eligible for the general register will have graduated from an approved education program and have passed the registration exam within one year of their graduation date.

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