We’ve received some questions regarding liability insurance coverage for regulated members who are supervising students/preceptors; and also regarding what coverage students require during their practicum/preceptorship.

First, it is important to understand that the Alberta College of Paramedics only regulates ACP, PCP and EMRs who have successfully completed their education program and are registered, regulated members of the College.

Regulated members of the College must hold personal, professional liability insurance that covers them for actions undertaken in the delivery of care to their patients. The personal, professional liability insurance regulated members are required to carry does not extend coverage to any other individual – including any students the regulated member is supervising/preceptoring.

It is also important to understand that a regulated member is not responsible for obtaining extra coverage to supervise or provide a preceptorship of a student. It is entirely the responsibility of the educator to ensure they hold the appropriate insurance coverage to protect their students during the practicum/preceptorship period of their education.

Additionally, as the College has no legislative jurisdiction over students, the College cannot and does not mandate students hold professional liability insurance.