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It is the professional obligation of every regulated member to self-report any breaches in their own conduct. Self-reporting is required as soon as the breach in conduct occurs, but is mandatory on each annual renewal. Types of conduct to self-report include:

  • Decisions of unprofessional conduct by another college in Alberta or another jurisdiction.
  • Decisions of unprofessional conduct by an organization in another jurisdiction.
  • Finding of professional negligence.
  • Charge of a criminal offence under the Criminal Code (Canada)
  • Conviction of a criminal offence under the Criminal Code (Canada)

Self-reporting is required of the Code of Ethics for the paramedics profession in Alberta. By self-reporting, members understand they may be subject to investigation, suspension and/or other disciplinary measures under the Health Professions Act.

If you are a regulated member and need to self-report a breach in conduct, please download the Self-Reporting Form for Members, fill out and save prior to submitting.

Please note: complaints about regulated members must be submitted through the Complaints process.

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