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The Alberta College of Paramedics believes that to provide the best care possible to Albertans, our members’ health, which includes mental health, is of the utmost importance. A number of resources are available to members and their families to help safeguard this important piece of their overall health. Mental Health Resources (PDF)

Alberta Critical Incident Provincial Network2021-04-15T18:23:47-06:00

Call 1-833-894-2476 if you require immediate assistance.

The ACIPN is a peer led, peer driven support network of first responders for first responders, whose volunteers are trained in best practices and deliver support in accordance with the ACIAC standards. ACIPN now offers 24/7/365 peer support after a crisis.

Legacy Place Society2021-04-15T18:24:06-06:00

FOR IMMEDIATE HELP: call 403-201-9945

Legacy Place Society was founded in 1997 by a group of Alberta police officers to help police, fire, EMS and dispatchers manage the stresses of being a first responder. They provide confidential and safe transitional housing (individually or as a family) for well-being and security; as well as access to professional support, to help members recover quickly from a broad range of serious difficulties. The society also provides a confidential crisis response by telephone that facilitates connection to professional and peer support. For more information, visit:

Alberta Health Services2021-04-15T18:24:28-06:00

Toll-free, 24/7 support: 1-877-303-2642

Provides 24/7 confidential, anonymous service, crisis intervention, information about mental health programs and services and referrals to other agencies if needed. For more, visit:

Distress Centre2021-04-15T18:24:53-06:00

24-hour support: 403.266.4357

Are you worried about losing your job – struggling with addiction – grieving the loss of a loved one – getting over a recent break-up – feeling lonely or isolated – having thoughts of suicide – worried you can’t pay your mortgage or utility bill?  Our highly trained volunteers and professional staff are here for you 24/7 if you need someone to talk to. Your call will be confidential.

Canadian Mental Health Association2021-04-15T18:25:52-06:00

In crisis? Please call 1-833-456-4566 toll free, 24/7 or visit

Mental health means striking a balance in all aspects of your life: social, physical, spiritual, economic and mental. Reaching a balance is a learning process. At times, you may tip the balance too much in one direction and have to find your footing again. CMHA provides advocacy, programs and resources that help to prevent mental health problems and illnesses, support recovery and resilience, and enable all Canadians to flourish and thrive.

All of Alberta                                          211
CMHA Edmonton Region                    780-482-4357
CMHA Calgary Region                          403-297-1402
Calgary Counselling Centre                 403-691-5991
Distress Centre Calgary                        403-266-4357

Workers’ Compensation Board2021-04-15T18:26:19-06:00

PTSD may be work related and is covered under policy for all workers, with each claim considered on a case-by-case basis. Compensation benefits are provided when it is confirmed through medical diagnosis and WCB’s follow-up information gathering that the PTSD diagnosed is work related.  For more information: or call: 1-866-922-9221 (within AB) or email:

Employer Resources2021-04-15T18:26:36-06:00

Many employers offer third-party, mental health resources as part of their overall Employee and Family Assistance programs. These resources are usually managed exclusively from other health benefits and cannot be traced back to you if you choose to use them. Check with your employer to see if this is part of what they can offer you.

Mental Health Commission of Canada2021-04-15T18:27:00-06:00

Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) has designed a program, The Working Mind First Responders (TWMFR) to help individuals cope with stress and improve their mental health and resiliency. Included in the program are a self-assessment tool and a set of evidence-based, cognitive behavioural therapy techniques. For more information:

Carewest (EMS who have worked in the Canadian Forces)2021-04-15T18:27:28-06:00

Carewest Operational Stress Injury (OSI) Clinic specializes in mental health services for veterans and members of the Canadian Forces. The Carewest OSI Clinic accepts referrals from Canadian Forces’ medical officers or health services coordinators. Once a client is referred to the Carewest OSI Clinic, a new assessment is performed and a clinical team collaborates to create a treatment plan. Family support is encouraged in client care. For more information: or call 403-216-9860 (Calgary).

The Homewood Clinic2021-04-15T18:27:51-06:00

Homewood Health has five locations across Canada including Edmonton and Calgary, and with 135-years of experience are leaders in the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction. Individuals can call themselves or be referred by another healthcare professional. For more information:

Edmonton contact: call 780-809-5004 or 1-866-978-4915
Calgary contact: call 403-768-3199 or 1-866-492-6832

Crisis Services Canada2021-04-15T18:28:10-06:00

Crisis Services Canada (CSC) is a national network for existing distress, crisis and suicide prevention line services. Services are available across Canada via toll-free phone, chat or text in English and French.

Call: 1-833-456-4566 (available 24/7)
Text: 45645 (available daily 4 pm – 12 am ET)
Chat via the website

EHN Sandstone (EHN Canada)2021-04-15T18:35:38-06:00

EHN Sandstone in Calgary, is one of the treatment centres with EHN Canada. The EHN model is designed for Canadian Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada, RCMP and First Responders. Sandstone is committed to providing the most effective, individualized, evidence-based treatment programs for addiction and concurrent mental health disorders. EHN Factsheet

Call 1-587-316-3865

Health is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Seeking help as soon as you identify an issue is extremely important, for your wellbeing as well as for your family and patient’s best interests.

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