New Employment Section in the Member Portal

Since May the College has been working with employers of regulated members to update the College’s existing database of paramedic professional employers. When this work began, the list contained 141 active and valid employers. As the renewal period opened and members updated their employer information, the College continued to enhance the employer database and confirm contact information. Through this work, all employers have now been identified and added to the database, which now comprises approximately 430 unique employers.

For regulated members, this means that you can now go into your profile in the member portal to ensure your employment information is up to date at all times. Listing your current employer is a critical component of keeping your practice permit active, as the College is responsible, under legislation, for communicating changes in your practice permit status to your employer.

We encourage all regulated members to log into your profile to ensure your information is up to date.

Steps for updating your employment information:

  1. Log into your member portal and select the Profile tab on the top right menu.
  2. Under the Employment tab, members can keep all employment up to date.
  3. Select “click here to add a new employer” and a popup window will open to search for your current employer and fill in your employment details.
  4. Save all new employment information in the popup window.
  5. Review the employment information in the chart and confirm the changes by selection “SAVE to confirm changes” at the bottom.

If your employer is not listed in the menu, select “Other” from within the employer list and you will be prompted to enter your employer’s details.

If you have any issues with updating your information, please contact the College at

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