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Practice Guidelines provide additional details on the College’s expectations around certain clinical skills and activities. Often these skills are restricted activities that are explained in the Government Organization Act and granted paramedics through the Paramedics Profession Regulation. The College relies on the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics to outline minimum standards required of paramedic professionals; and these Guidelines are meant to supplement with additional information and guidance.

  1. Practice Guideline on Dispensing

Not all restricted activities are granted to all designations of the College’s regulated members, so it is important to understand the different scopes of practice by designation. The College requires all designations of paramedic professionals to practice within their scope of practice and in accordance with all Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Additionally, all regulated members must respect and adhere to any limitations set by their employer’s policies or the terms of their employment.

The College also receives some frequently asked questions that do not warrant a full Practice Guideline. Please review the following FAQs to find more information that is regularly sought about practice in Alberta.

All public facing information can be found through our Verify a Member function at the top of every webpage. If you require additional information, we encourage you to contact the College:

Performing a throat swab consists of inserting an instrument or device into the Pharynx, not beyond, and therefore is not considered a restricted activity. All practitioners are reminded that before performing any procedure on a patient, it is their responsibility to ensure they have completed appropriate training and are competent to perform the procedure (Code of Ethics 3.1).

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