Liability Insurance

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To avoid suspension, keep your profile updated with your
professional liability insurance policy expiry date.

Every regulated healthcare practitioner in Alberta must carry their own professional liability insurance – this is no different for paramedics in the province.

All regulated members of the College are required to carry professional liability insurance as a condition of registration and as a condition of ongoing active practice. Regulated members are required to update their policy details to ensure the College has a record of their active policy.

The required coverage is:

  • Errors and Omissions Liability: $5,000,000 per claim and annual aggregate
  • Abuse Errors & Omissions Liability (including Criminal Defense): $50,000 per claim, $100,000 annual aggregate
  • Disciplinary Legal Expenses: $50,000 per claim, $100,000 annual aggregate
  • Breach of Confidentiality: $5,000,000 per claim, $5,000,000 annual aggregate

All regulated members must confirm they have secured appropriate insurance at the time of initial registration and are required to update their profile in the member portal to ensure an active policy is always listed.

Insurance Options

Lloyd Sadd – Berkley Canada offers a special rate to members of the Alberta paramedic profession. More information is available here.

Paramedic professionals may also find their association memberships offer insurance programs/benefits as part of their membership fees/offerings. Additionally, other insurance companies do offer policies to members for personal and business coverage. Regulated members are encouraged to consider their options and choose the policy that meets the required coverage and that best suits their needs.

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