Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance2019-07-29T16:14:20-07:00

Every regulated healthcare practitioner in Alberta must carry their own professional liability insurance. All members of the College are required to maintain professional liability insurance as a condition of their active practice permit.

A practitioner’s practice will be established under their own practice permit and clinical support will be ensured through an established quality assurance system. Practitioners, therefore, will be required to carry their own professional liability insurance.

The required coverage is as follows:

  • Errors and Omissions Liability: $5,000,000 per claim and annual aggregate
  • Abuse Errors & Omissions Liability (including Criminal Defense): $50,000 per claim, $100,000 annual aggregate
  • Disciplinary Legal Expenses: $50,000 per claim, $100,000 annual aggregate
  • Breach of Confidentiality: $5,000,000 per claim, $5,000,000 annual aggregate

All regulated members must confirm they have secured appropriate insurance at the time of renewal and are required to maintain the insurance to continue to hold an active practice permit.

Insurance Options
Members of the College are automatically members of the Paramedic Association of Canada, which gives you access to Marsh Insurance, which is one of the largest insurance providers for paramedicine practitioners across Canada. More information is available about Marsh Insurance on their website.

Members of the Alberta Paramedic Association (APA) are able to access professional liability insurance through the APA program provided by Prolink. Please visit the APA website for more details.

Other providers may also be acceptable, providing they meet all the required coverage as outlined above. Please contact the College to be sure.