If your practice permit is no longer active (it was cancelled, lapsed, etc.) you are not eligible to practice paramedicine or use the protected titles of EMR, PCP and ACP.

You are eligible for reinstatement if you:

  1. Are able to demonstrate at least one of the following:
    – Have practiced the profession within the previous two years
    – Have completed an education/upgrading program within the previous year
    – Your competency to practice (to the satisfaction of the Registrar or Registration Committee)
  2. You are able and fit to practice the profession
  3. You are of good character and reputation
  4. You have addressed any outstanding regulatory matters

You must meet all other College registration requirements including providing proof of valid professional liability insurance and submitting payment of fees.

You can apply for reinstatement by completing the Registration Application located in the member portal.

(Do not create a new account – use the forgot password function if you have forgotten your access details).

Once your application is reviewed you will receive further information and directions from the College’s registration department.

If you have any questions, please email

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