Reminder: 2020/2021 CC Cycle Began October 1

Reminder: 2020/2021 CC Cycle Began October 1

You can now begin to earn your credits to meet your 2019/2020 Continuing Competence (CC) cycle requirements.

Here are a few reminders about how the CC program works:

  • CC activities can only be counted toward the cycle in which they are earned/taken. (You cannot carryover credits.) So you need to make sure you plan your activities each year.
  • The CC cycle aligns with the member year, which begins October 1 and runs through to September 30 each year.
  • A list of approved CE activities is continually updated and can be found in the Competence section of
  • If you’re having trouble with your credits, please email as soon as possible

To help you understand your requirements, please view the:

Continuing Competence Program Details (PDF) (including FAQ).

There are also new forms and resources to help you record and keep your CC records (this is required to fulfill your documentation requirements for the CC record audits), check out the Continuing Competence page on our website.

Mandatory CC Competency

The Competence Committee/Registrar makes certain activities mandatory for all members in response to a need identified through trends in complaints/conduct and employer reporting, or in response to new legislative changes.

This year’s requirement is in response to the government’s changes to the Health Professions Act, that outline that all healthcare providers must have training to help professionals understand and avoid sexual assault and sexual misconduct situations.

Here is the link to the course: Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct

You’ll also need the profession’s Standards of Practice:

When you’ve completed the activity, record it under the CC tab in your profile in the member portal using this flowchart on Recording Activities for Credits.


If you have questions about your specific requirements, please email

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