The 2020-2021 CC Cycle Starts Now, there is a required learning component

The CC cycle aligns with the member year, which begins October 1 and runs through to September 30 each year.

You can now complete and record activities to meet 2020-2021 CC requirements.

CPD activities can only be claimed for the cycle in which they are earned/taken, meaning anything you completed before October 1 cannot be added to this year’s CC cycle.

Understanding your requirements:

Check out the Continuing Competence Program Details to understand your requirements for this cycle.

Visit the Continuing Competence page on the College’s website under Practice & Learning for all CC program information.

2020-2021 Required Learning

The Government of Alberta introduced Bill 21: An Act to Protect Patients in 2018 and proposed changes to sections of the Health Professions Act that speak to sexual abuse and sexual misconduct by regulated healthcare professionals. The Bill passed and the changes became effective April 2019.

A new requirement in these changes is that all healthcare professionals regulated under the Health Professions Act (including paramedics) are required to complete appropriate sexual abuse and sexual misconduct training.

The Alberta Federation of Regulated Health Professionals (AFRHP) has developed the Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct course to fulfill this requirement – free of charge – for all of Alberta’s regulated healthcare providers.

You must complete this course as your required learning component of the 2020-2021 CC cycle.

About the Course

Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct is online and consists of three modules:

  1. Introduction to An Act to Protect Patients
  2. Preventing Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct
  3. When Sexual Abuse or Sexual Misconduct has Occurred

This course will count for 9 of your required continuing education CC credits (3 hours) and is being provided at no cost.

You will receive a certificate upon successful completion to retain in your records.

Course Access

Use this link to access the course:

Recording to your CC Summary

  1. Select the Continuing Education CPD Category
  2. Select Approved CE course from the CE Activity Type
  3. Search the course name using the find function on the Course Description
  4. Fill out the remaining fields and submit!


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