We have one, three-year term available and the call for applications opens April 2 closing on April 16 at 4 pm. Please note that this is a volunteer role.

The term begins September 1, 2024. 


In 2022, after a thorough evaluation of the current Council election process, Council announced the decision to move to recruitment-based appointments. This transition will open up a whole new group of devoted members great for the job and who would not have put their name forward because of the previous campaign and election format.

Becoming a Council Member

The College Council is accountable for the overall governance of the Alberta College of Paramedics and is an important piece in the regulatory framework of the profession. Regulated members that join Council are given a unique opportunity to give back to the profession by participating in guiding the profession forward.

To be successful on Council, members should:

  1. Have an Understanding of Governance and Legislation
    • Members should understand the role Council plays in the governance structure, the different pieces of legislation and how they all work together. Expert knowledge of legislation and governance is not required and should not intimidate members away from applying. There is a lot of learning that takes place over the course of a Council member’s term.
  2. Dedicate Time
    • A successful Council member must also be prepared to dedicate time to the work they do. Council meets four to five times per year with each meeting being at least one eight-hour day, sometimes two days. On top of that there is the prep work. Members should come prepared and this can take many hours of reading documents that will be discussed at the meetings.
  3. Be Passionate, Engaged and Collaborative
    • Council is a group of individuals working together with one goal – to govern the profession in the public’s best interest. Every member has their own passions and interests which is very important for governance. However, a strong Council should be a group of individuals that can collaborate to bring forward all the changes they want to see that align with Council’s mandate.

For more information on what is expected of Council members and how to be successful read the Becoming a Council Member guide

Council Recruitment Process Overview

The College will place a call for recruitment on behalf of the Selection Committee for regulated member vacancies on Council each year.

The College will send a Direct Message to each regulated member on the general and provisional register, notice of the:

  1. positions available for appointment
  2. method, timing and processes for the recruitment
  3. applicant requirements

Regulated members interested in becoming a Council member must submit the application package during the call for recruitment period.

Regulated Member Eligibility for Appointment

2.3.1 Eligibility

To be eligible to be appointed to Council, a candidate must:

  • Be a regulated member on the general or provisional register.
  • Be in good standing with the College and with any other Alberta college(s) or regulated health profession(s) the regulated member is affiliated.
  • Have held an active practice permit with the College for at least three years prior to the date of nomination.
  • Be a resident of Alberta.

2.3.2 Ineligibility

A regulated member on the general or provisional register is not eligible for appointment to Council if that regulated member:

  • Has been found to have committed unprofessional conduct pursuant to Part 4 of the HPA within the five years before the date of applying.
  • Holds federal, provincial or local government office.
  • Occupies a senior position with the Government of Alberta, Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, a College approved education program provider, or a union or association that represents members of a regulated health profession.
  • Is employed by an organization that has a paid contractual relationship with the College as a provider of services or goods.
  • Is or was an employee of the College within ten years before the date of applying.
  • Has been removed or resigned from Council in the three years prior to the date of applying.
  • Is currently taking legal action against the College or has completed legal action against the College in the three years prior to the date of applying.

The Selection Committee is a Council-appointed committee with the purpose of recommending regulated members for Council. The Selection Committee aims to have a diverse and inclusive Council mix by evaluating applications of regulated members for Council appointments, interviewing candidates and recommending appointments to Council with respect to the eligible applicants who best fit Council’s need to fill current or upcoming vacancies.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview to help the Selection Committee determine their official recommendations to Council.

The Selection Committee will work collectively to make recommendations to Council and has no individual authority. Council will review all recommendations and determine official Council appointments by majority vote.

A candidate may withdraw from the recruitment process at any time before the candidate selection by notifying the College in writing.

Candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application prior to the appointment announcement being shared with the membership.

Official Council member appointments will be sent to the membership at large and posted to the College website within seven days following the appointment.

If you have any questions, please email communications@ABparamedics.com.