Under the Health Professions Act, all regulated health professions’ colleges are required to create a set of Bylaws.

These Bylaws establish the framework for operations and management of the various areas of business within the College.

Read our Bylaws here: Alberta College of Paramedics’ Bylaws 


Additionally to the College’s Bylaws, there are a number of policies that speak to the business areas in the College. These policies explain in more detail what is required within the management of specific topics.

  • Conduct Policies
    (Publishing of Hearing Information, Publishing of Hearing Decisions and Complaint Resolution Agreements and Undertakings)
  • Finance Policies
    (Waiving of Late Renewal Fees, Refund of Member Annual Fees and Dues)
  • Privacy Policy
  • Registration Policies
    (Application for Registration, Membership with the College, English Language Proficiency, Annual Membership Renewal, Registration and Practice Permit Reinstatement, Leaving Practice: Non-Renewal, Voluntary Cancellation, Changes to Registers and Records)