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Member Portal Transition Resources2022-08-11T14:45:41-06:00


The College has recently announced the transition to a new member portal platform, Alinity.  The College has put together a “how to” guide to help you navigate through the portal and compiled a list of FAQs that include anticipated questions and the Pulse pieces.

Pulse pieces

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Update on the Member Portal transition (published January 13, 2022)
General timeline for Member Portal transition (published December 14, 2021)
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CEO Message: A new year and a new Member Portal (published October 15, 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions

About the transition.

Why do I need a unique email address?2022-04-11T11:30:40-06:00

The old member portal used a username to log in which was chosen by the individual. The new member portal requires each member or applicant record to be associated with a unique and valid email address. The email address is used to validate the account which is also then the username. This means all members must have a unique email attached to their member portal moving forward.

I recently changed my information in the portal, will it transfer over?2022-03-03T10:30:41-07:00

The full transition of data that is moving over occurred on February 25, 2022. All members had access and were able to update their information up to February 21, 2022 and personal information that was updated prior to that date should transition over. If there is any information that will not be transitioned, the College will notify you.

How do I log in for the first time?2022-03-03T10:32:01-07:00

All regulated members will receive an email from the College prior to the launch of the new portal. The email will include a link to the login screen of the member portal. This will go to the email address the College has on file for you and it will be your username going forward. All members will use the Forgot My Password link to reset their password the first-time logging in.

What should I do when I log into the new member portal for the first time?2022-03-03T10:39:24-07:00

We encourage all members to familiarize themselves with the system, check to ensure their information is correct, to update profile information which includes adding employment records and if you are registered with another health regulator or in another jurisdiction. If there are major issues with your registration details and what is appearing in the new portal, contact

I have heard this referred to as the first phase, are there more phases in the transition?2022-03-01T13:43:51-07:00

The full transition is separated into a four-phase transition with important changes happening over the course of the next year. A Pulse article recently covered a breakdown of each phase, to read that click here.

How do I recover my password?/How do I create a new password?2022-03-01T13:41:53-07:00

On the login screen of the member portal, there is a link to follow if you forget your password. This will allow you to create a new one. We suggest using something that is secure but that you will also remember. If you need help creating a safe and secure password, you can use this resource to help: Password Generator | LastPass.

I can’t remember what email address is used for my portal. Can I create a new account?2022-03-03T10:44:09-07:00

No. Please do not create a new account if you have forgotten your email address linked to your member portal. Your member portal is specific to you with all your registration information and creating a new account would be you starting over with a new application and registration. If you have forgotten your email address or having problems logging in, please contact

My profile information.

Is there any information not coming over to the new portal?2022-03-03T11:31:00-07:00

Due to the radically different technology between our old system and Alinity there was some data that could not be transferred over. These include:

  • Employment records
  • Registration with another jurisdiction
  • Provisional registration numbers will now start with a P to align with the Health Professions Act (HPA)
  • 2021/2022 CC cycle credits that have been entered this member year
    • Members will not be able to view previous CC cycle credits at this time as they will not be converted until a future release this year

Those who entered Continuing Competence activities for 2021/2022 will need to re-enter their activities.

My education information is listed as unknown. Why is that and what do I do?2022-03-03T10:49:12-07:00

If your education information is listed as unknown in the member portal, this is a carry-over from previous databases (in the 1990s) when education information was not recorded in a database. To update this with your past education, you can add an education record in My Profile.

  1. Login to the member portal
  2. Go to My Profile (located on the left sidebar)
  3. Select the Edit Profile button at the top of the page
  4. Scroll down to the Education section
  5. Click the Add button and put in your education program information
  6. Select Submit at the bottom of the page
How to update Professional Liability Insurance details and contact information2022-03-03T10:52:42-07:00
  1. Login to the member portal
  2. Go to My Profile (located on the left sidebar)
  3. Select the Edit Profile button at the top of the page
  4. Scroll down to the section you need to update
  5. Click the Add button and put in your updated information
  6. Select Submit at the bottom of the page
How do I change my name on the College register?2022-03-03T11:31:55-07:00

You can change your name through My Profile. You need to upload a name change document (a copy of your marriage certificate, birth certificate or change of name certificate issued under the Change of Name Act), which the College will use to review your request. Once the College is satisfied that you have validly changed your name, your name will be changed on the College register and you can download your new permit through My Profile.

Please remember that you must practice in the name on the College register at all times.

Where do I find my member dues receipt?2022-03-03T10:56:05-07:00

On the Home Page, there is a section titled My Invoices. Select the “Include Paid” box to display all paid invoices which includes access to a receipt.

Do I need to update my profile every year?2022-03-03T10:58:30-07:00

Yes. Please review all your information on your profile for accuracy, even if you think there have been no changes. It is your responsibility as a regulated health professional to ensure your contact information is up to date. The College’s primary method of communication with our members is electronic and we recommend using a personal email address rather than a work or school email address because messages we send may include sensitive. It is also important to understand that your employer has control over your work email and will ultimately have access to your personal information if you use a work email.

How and when do I submit my Continuing Competence credits?2022-04-05T11:04:26-06:00

Submit your credits via the ‘Continuing Competence’ page in the member portal. You can enter and update your activities at any time throughout the year. You will not be able to renew for the next year until all CC requirements are complete. For detailed instructions on how to add credits, click here.

I’ve forgotten or misplaced my login information for My Profile. What should I do?2022-03-01T14:04:07-07:00

Your login information consists of your email address and a unique case sensitive password.

If you don’t remember your password, you can request to reset it by clicking “Click here if you forgot your password” on the login screen of My Profile. Follow the instructions to set a new password. Please note that we do not have access to your password.

If you don’t know what email address is associated with your account, please contact us. You may be asked a series of questions to verify your identity.

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