Continuing Competence Resources

CC Record of Attendance Form (For members to keep record of CC activities that don’t offer verification)
CC Self-study Summary Form (For members who choose self-study as a CC activity)
CC Credit Adjustment Request Form
Continuing Competence Audit Guide

Mental Health Resources

The Alberta College of Paramedics believes that to provide the best care possible to Albertans, our members’ health, which includes mental health, is of the utmost importance. Several resources are available to members and their families to help safeguard this important piece of their overall health.

Mental Health Resources

Health is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Seeking help as soon as you identify an issue is extremely important for your wellbeing, as well as for your family and patients’ best interests.

Dress Uniform

The Alberta College of Paramedics (College) dress uniform is a common design that can be worn by all regulated members of the College. It is not affiliated with any other Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organization and gives members from smaller EMS organizations the opportunity to represent their profession and College in both public and professional settings. The College dress uniform does not replace the uniform of any other EMS organization that may choose to issue dress uniforms to their staff.

Link to Derks
Dress Uniform Instructions