Thank you to all regulated members who provided feedback through the 2021 Member Survey. This biennial member survey structure was implemented in 2017; making the 2021 survey the third time the College has successfully delivered this type of feedback mechanism for regulated members.

All active, regulated members of the College were invited to participate in the three-week long survey opportunity that opened March 8 and closed at 12 am March 29. We are very pleased to report that once again more than 30% of members participated and provided more than 4,800 open-ended comments to the qualitative questions.

Statistically speaking, these results mean we can be 99% confident within +/-3% that the results of the survey accurately reflect the views of the membership as a whole. We are confident we can move forward with this information to help improve our plans and activities to reflect regulated member’s input.

We are working to compile all of the information and the categorize each and every one of the comments received throughout the survey. This will take a bit of time, but we will provide summary report of findings in an upcoming issue of The Pulse. In the meantime, here is some preliminary information from the quantitative questions.

Of those who responded:

  • 17.98% are EMR; 43.71% are PCP and 38.31% are ACP
  • 61.72% found renewal easy or very easy; 31.61% neither easy nor difficult and only 6.67% difficult or very difficult
  • 76.42% have read the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • 72.48% said they feel they are adequately informed of the College’s regulatory processes
    • Of the areas members indicated they were not informed, 88.57% said Continuing Competence
  • 58.67% indicated they would not sign up for a pre-payment of fees plan
  • 62.02% feel the College provides enough information, 20.77% said they were unsure and 17.21% said they felt the College should communicate more
  • 33.94% said their overall impression of the College is favourable or very favourable, 43.33% said neither favourable nor unfavourable and 22.73% said unfavourable or very unfavourable

Thank you again for helping the College improve its services to its regulated members. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact