Healthcare professionals are in a position of trust and of power with a patient, by having professional knowledge and skills that a patient must rely on for their well-being.

In addition, they have access to patients’ personal health information.

Regulated members must always maintain professional boundaries with their patients. They are prohibited from engaging in any form of sexual abuse or sexual misconduct with a patient. All elements of what constitutes sexual abuse, sexual misconduct; as well as who is a patient can be found in the Standard of Practice: 2.7 Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Involving a Patient.

Complaints of a sexual nature may involve:

  • Privacy and respect
  • Inappropriate comments or gestures
  • Unnecessary or improper physical examinations
  • Sexual contact or assault

Coming forward about a sexually inappropriate encounter you’ve experienced with a paramedic can be incredibly difficult; however, there are very good reasons for reporting, including:

  • Public protection: Incidents of sexual abuse or misconduct are often not isolated. By coming forward, you could help us act to ensure that what happened to you does not happen to someone else.
  • Awareness: The College won’t know otherwise. We rely on individuals to make us aware when things aren’t right. We can only learn about sexual abuse or misconduct from people who make complaints.

If you think a paramedic has violated a boundary or otherwise engaged in sexual misconduct or abuse with a patient, contact our Complaints Director to discuss your concerns.

There are a variety of situations in which you may be eligible for funding for counselling or therapy. Please contact the College at for details.

If you think you have experienced sexual abuse at the hands of an Alberta regulated health care professional, we urge you to contact the conduct department or complaint coordinator at the appropriate Alberta regulatory college.