The Alberta College of Paramedics regulates the paramedicine profession in accordance with the Health Professions Act.

Under the Health Professions Act (HPA), all regulated professions have a set of regulations that speak specifically to requirements of that profession.

Read the regulation for paramedics here: Paramedics Profession Regulation
Read the regulation for restrict activity here: Health Professions Restricted Activity Regulation

All regulated health professions in Alberta are required to set of Standards of Practice and create a Code of Ethics.

Standards of Practice

The College’s Standards of Practice are standards of professional behaviour required of all regulated paramedic professionals in Alberta.

These Standards provide direction to regulated members to follow in the course of their interactions with patients and the public. These Standards along with the profession’s Regulations, Code of Ethics and other legislation are part of the structure within which the College governs regulated members to serve and protect the public interest.

Code of Ethics

Through the principles and responsibilities, the Code of Ethics sets out the basic ethical commitments that guides all regulated members of the paramedic profession in Alberta.

For regulated members of the profession, the Code of Ethics establishes the expectations for responsible, ethical conduct with patients, the public, the profession and oneself. For the public, the Code of Ethics provides clarity on the ethical values and responsibilities the paramedic profession expects of its members and demonstrates the profession’s accountability to the societal expectation of ethical practice and the commitment to furthering public trust.