Registration Fees and Requirements

Registration Application Fee
All applicants pay a non-refundable $100 registration application fee.

Return to Practice Fee
Any practitioner who previously held a practice permit with the College, and is seeking to Return to Practice, must pay an additional non-refundable $400 Return to Practice fee to cover the additional administrative costs to reinstate a practice permit.

Registration requirements can include:

  • Liability Insurance (all applicants)
  • Criminal Record Check (all applicants)
  • Registration Exam (if applicable)
  • Original transcript, provided by the education institution (if applicable)
  • Education (all applicants)
  • Ethics and Jurisprudence Examination (all applicants)
  • Sexual assault and misconduct prevention training (all applicants)
  • Payment of applicable registration fees (all applicants)

Coverage Details

Every regulated healthcare practitioner in Alberta must carry their own professional liability insurance – this is no different for paramedics in the province. All regulated members of the College are required to carry professional liability insurance as a condition of registration and as a condition of ongoing active practice. Regulated members are required to update their policy details to ensure the College has a record of their active policy. The required coverage is:

  • Errors and Omissions Liability: $5,000,000 per claim and annual aggregate
  • Abuse Errors & Omissions Liability (including Criminal Defense): $50,000 per claim, $100,000 annual aggregate
  • Disciplinary Legal Expenses: $50,000 per claim, $100,000 annual aggregate
  • Breach of Confidentiality: $5,000,000 per claim, $5,000,000 annual aggregate

All regulated members must confirm they have secured appropriate insurance at the time of initial registration and are required to update their profile in the member portal to ensure an active policy is always listed.

Provider Options

Lloyd Sadd – Berkley Canada offers a special rate to members of the Alberta paramedic profession. More information is available here.

If you have questions about the LS program email:

Paramedic professionals may also find their association memberships offer insurance programs/benefits as part of their membership fees/offerings. Additionally, other insurance companies do offer policies to members for personal and business coverage. Regulated members are encouraged to consider their options and choose the policy that meets the required coverage and that best suits their needs.

All applicants must submit to a criminal record check – to be completed through the College’s approved online verification service, not at a police detachment. Instructions on how to proceed with this will be sent to applicants once they submit their application form.

The cost to complete this is $35, paid directly to the verification service at the time it is completed.

A registration exam is a requirement for most new EMR, PCP and ACP applicants for registration with the Alberta College of Paramedics. (The exception to this is those who are licensed in another province, have education or experience deemed equivalent by the Registrar.)

The Canadian Organization of Paramedic Regulators (COPR) examinations are the only approved registration examinations for applicants applying to the College. Information on the COPR Examinations can be found here:

Transcripts must be sent to the College by your educator or their approved third party. Applicants can request this of your education institution – they will be familiar with this process.

You have one year from the completion of your education program to apply for registration. If an applicant is between 12-24 months of their graduation date, they can apply for registration IF they have successfully completed the registration exam within three months of applying.

The Ethics and Jurisprudence exam tests new applicants on different elements of the regulatory framework that guides practice in Alberta. It highlights co-regulation and how legislation, the Standards of Practice, the Code of Ethics, College Bylaws and policies impact how regulated members are required to practice. Information on how to complete this aspect of registration requirements will be forwarded to new applicants who are required to complete it.

There is a $25 cost to take this exam.

All practitioners who register to practice in Alberta must complete the College’s approved prevention training on Sexual Assault of and Misconduct Toward Patients.

Course Access

Use this link to access the course: Resources and Training – AFRHP

There is no cost to take this training.

Member Dues

Member dues are required to complete registration and issue a practice permit. The membership year begins October 1 and ends September 30; all permits issued during the year expire on September 30.

The dues are charged on a pro-rated schedule, depending on when the permit is issued:

Current registration (2023/2024)

Permit issued

Percentage of year

For 2023/2024

October 1 - December 31



January 1 - March 31



April 1 - June 30



July 1 - September 30



Other Registration Related Fees

Applicants may be charged other registration related fees.

Other Registration Related Fees


Registration Application fee


Return to Practice Fee


Professional Liability Insurance

Lloyd Sadd - $69 (fees are dependant upon the carrier)

Criminal Record Check


Ethics & Jurisprudence Exam


The College does not charge GST.

Contact Registration for questions about registration fees at

Participation in the CC program is mandatory for all regulated members on the general register, regardless of employment status or practice setting. Exceptions: (i) Regulated members on the provisional and courtesy register do not have credit requirements. (ii) New regulated members added on the general register in the middle of a membership year, will have no credit requirements until they renew their registration.