Thank you to everyone who watched live, or has since watched, the Annual Members’ Meeting on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. The event was hosted virtually for the fourth year in a row to ensure anyone who was able to join us could be part of the updates on the profession and the live conversation. The virtual platform also allows for those unable to join us live to watch at a later date. The panel consisted of the CEO, Wendy Dugas; Registrar, Tim A. Ford; and Council President, Travis Lanoway.

We used the Pigeonhole question and answer platform. The question period opened one day before to allow for members to pre-submit questions and remained open for five additional days after the AMM for any questions that came to mind after the fact. At the end of the submission period (May 23 – May 29), a total of 44 questions were submitted, 22 of those were answered live.

Pigeonhole stats:

As of June 12, there were 692 members who registered for the event through the Alberta Media House platform (for credits). The AMM will be available to view and complete the attendance questions to be able to qualify for 6 CC credits until September 30.

The complete list of Pigeonhole questions, with answers to the ones not addressed live, can be found here.