The Continuing Competence (CC) program can be an area of confusion for many members. It is always beneficial to cover some common areas of confusion for members. Over the coming months leading up to renewal, we will be addressing areas of the CC program to help members better understand how it works and what is required. Previously, we covered the basics of the CC program, which can be found here, and the differences between CE and SD activities which can be found here. Today, we are going over what is supporting documentation.

As a part of the Continuing Competence program, all participating regulated members must retain supporting documentation for every CC activity recorded. As per the Health Professions Act (HPA), documentation must be kept for a minimum of five years after the end of the CC cycle in which the activity was recorded. For example, all documentation for the 2023-2024 CC cycle must be kept until the end of the 2028-2029 CC cycle.

Continuing Education (CE) activities

Supporting documentation for an approved CE activities are easy to understand. It is a requirement of all training providers on the CE list to provide a certificate of completion once done the course/activity. This is your supporting documentation and should be saved in your records for five years. It will include:

  • Activity provider name and/or branding
  • Name of activity
  • Regulated member’s name
  • Date completed
  • Number of hours awarded

Supporting documentation for Self-Directed (SD) activities

This is a little more confusing because some activities may not provide certificates on completion. In that case, the College will accept the following as supporting documentation:

  • Activity logs
  • Transcripts
  • Letters of completion or attendance
  • Record of Attendance form
  • Study/review Summary form
  • Meeting minutes
  • Developed materials including published articles

Receipts alone will not be accepted as valid completion documentation.

The College also has forms that can be used when courses/activities don’t provide verification:

If you have any questions about the CC program, please contact