On March 7, the College officially launched the new member portal, also known as Alinity. This has been a project that we have been working on since the summer of last year. A few things prompted this change including the College needing to shift the website and member portal to align with the regulatory changes brought on by Bill 46. We also had heard overwhelming feedback from members in the 2021 Member Survey and during renewal that the current portal was causing increasing frustration when trying to complete regulatory activities.

I’m happy to report that most of the feedback from the launch was positive. Members have found that the new portal is easy to navigate and intuitive. There were some challenges with emails not reaching inboxes for members. We found that for most members who had problems not receiving the emails, they are able to find the emails in either a subfolder within their inbox or junk. On Friday, March 11 changes were made to emails coming from Alinity that allowed for direct delivery to inboxes. After that change was made, we did experience an increase in readership and a reduction in phones calls to the office. We encourage all members to check all their email folders and if they still are not receiving the emails from the member portal, to contact us at memberportal@ABparamedics.com.

Throughout the transition there were some areas that were unable to be moved over to Alinity due to the radically different technology between the two systems. There were also some areas that were not moved over due to regulatory changes. The following are those areas not transitioned over:

  • 2021/2022 CC cycle credits that have been entered this member year
    • Members will not be able to view previous CC cycle credits at this time as they will not be converted until a future release this year
  • Removal of Alumni and Honourary register to align with regulatory changes
  • Employment records
  • Registration with another jurisdiction

As mentioned, this was the completion of phase one of our transition. Exciting things will be happening over the next several months to help the College continue to align with government requirements and to offer an area for members to be able to find everything they need to continue to practice to the best of their abilities. The following is a rough timeline of the other three phases coming soon:

  • Phase two is expected to be released in April 2022
  • Phase three is expected to be released May 2022
  • Phase four is expected to be released June 2022

A full breakdown of each phase including what will be released in each phase can be found here.

We will continue to keep members updated on all changes moving forward and look forward to continuing to receive feedback on the new portal.

Wendy Dugas, CEO