The College’s current website was launched in the fall of 2017, which in the world of websites makes it basically 100 years old. (Okay, we made that up, but with how fast things change in the online world, the site and the platform it was built on is considered to be really old.)

This is why over the past few months, the College has been working to update the website, including the entire rebuild of the backend version of WordPress, which powers the site. Overall you will see slight differences in the site, some due to technical requirements and others due to our desire to respond to government requirements that the site be more public focused. We are also working to respond to the information members shared with us in the 2021 Member Survey.

The new site will launch next week. Here are a few things you can expect to see:

  1. Content: As we do every year, the content has been completely reviewed for tone, consistency and terminology. Overall the content has been reviewed to focus it more at a public audience than directly at regulated members. This is intentional, as the intent of the changes in Bill 46 are to ensure College’s main focus is the public. We will be moving more content into the member portal and using direct messaging to help focus our communication to members through their preferred method of contact.
  2. Navigation:
    1. The main menu has been reduced to seven tabs.
    2. The navigation bar now has a mini write up of each page.
    3. Registration and exams information have been combined under one tab.
    4. A resources tab was created for legislation and member resources.
  3. Design: The home page now has one focal point image instead of a rotating feature. Scrolling down you will find a secondary navigation pane with direct links to higher traffic pages.

As we work through some of the finer details, please be patient with us. And, as always, if you cannot find something or have questions, we appreciate you reaching out to us at