For most regulated members, many won’t recall writing the Ethics and Jurisprudence Exam. This is because the College used to incorporate the Ethics and Jurisprudence exam questions in the former Provincial Registration Examination – meaning if you graduated from an Alberta program, the exams were combined.

With the shift to the COPR exams as the approved registration examination, the College is now requiring all new applicants to successfully complete the Ethics and Jurisprudence Exam (within three tries) to gain registration. This exam is developed in-house by subject matter experts and tests on the framework of the legislation that guides practice in Alberta.

During the most recent update of the exam, the associated costs were reviewed, and the Alberta College of Paramedics is pleased to announce that the cost is being reduced effectively immediately from $125 to $50.

The reduction of the Ethics and Jurisprudence Exam fee is part of the College’s ongoing commitment to reviewing and revising fees and costs wherever possible. The College will continue to evaluate fees and ensure they are fair and accurately represent the associated costs with being a regulated member.

If you have any questions about the Ethics and Jurisprudence Exam fee reduction or the Renewal fee changes, please contact the College at

Reminder: 2021/2022 Renewal Fees reduced by $15, and a credit of $15 will be applied

This renewal year will see a reduction in fees by $15 due to the College no longer collecting the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC) membership fee. This will change the renewal fee to $510 from $525 as it has been for four years now. In addition to the reduced renewal fee, there will also be a credit applied to members’ renewal this year to return the 2020/2021 PAC membership fee that was collected during the last renewal period. This means, for regulated members renewing their practice permit this year, the fee will be $495.