In February, we provided an update on the Alinity transition and explained that future phases were set to release after the initial launch in March. An exciting addition to the member portal, which has not been previously available, is the Employer Directory.

The Employer Directory is a tool within Alinity that will provide employers secure access to view the registration status of their employees at any time. This will be particularly useful after renewal. The College is required under section 119 of the Health Professions Act (HPA) to advise current employers if a regulated member’s practice permit has been suspended or cancelled. On top of being able to log into the Employer Directory to view employees’ registration status, a notification email will be sent to current employers when a member’s practice permit status changes.

The Employer Directory is very similar to the Verify a Member registry, except that when an employer logs into the system they will have a registry of only their employees. The Employer Directory is updated in real time, so if a regulated member adds an employer to their profile, they will automatically be added to that employer’s directory. Information contained within employer directory is the same information that is available in the public tool – Verify a Member – which includes:

  • Name and Registration Number
  • Current and Future Practice Permit expiry date
  • Conditions, if any
  • Endorsements, if any
  • Discipline information, if any
  • Registration History (as of 2017)

Employers are only added to the Employer Directory by the College after submitting a formal request and undergoing a review process. If a member does not report working for an organization, they will not appear in that employer’s directory. When a regulated member reports an end-date for an employer in their profile, that member’s information will no longer appear in the directory for that employer.

It is important to ensure all regulated members keep the information in their profile as up to date as possible. Information contained within the directory is only as accurate as reported by the member. It is a requirement as per section 36 of the Paramedic Profession Regulation (PPR) that regulated members are required to report where they are employed.

We encourage you to keep your employment information up to date. Employment can be updated throughout the year and is easy to do using the profile update form. If you have any questions or concerns about the Employer Directory or updating your information, please contact the College at