The final step of implementation – the online portal – for the College’s liability program provider is now open for members to sign up. This group rate liability insurance is provided by Lloyd Sadd – Berkley Canada, a completely independent insurer from the College. (Please note this is a separate portal from the Alberta College of Paramedics member portal).

The portal is fast and easy to sign up for liability insurance and takes no more than five minutes. It’s available for all College members needing coverage or wanting to change providers effective September 30, 2021. The annual premium is $65 + $4 service fee. This coverage does not require an additional membership or association fee on top of the annual premium. The portal accepts credit cards with instant processing.

An email confirming your purchase will be sent to your inbox within five minutes of signing up. For the time being, you still need to record your policy details on your profile as proof of your ongoing active insurance. However, the College is working to see if Lloyd Sadd can export these details so the College can take care of that step for you in the coming months.

The program’s key features:

  • $0 Deductible & no program aggregate
  • No association membership/participation or fee required
  • $5,000,000 per claim, $10,000,000 per member annual aggregate limit
  • Available to non-regulated members while under supervision of insured member
  • Including defence costs outside limits of liability and coverage for financial loss claim
  • Legal services hotline available to all policy holders
  • Coverage provided for COVID-19 vaccine administration and no exclusion for COVID-19 related incidents/allegations
  • Policy meets the liability requirements for the Alberta College of Paramedics
  • $65 annual premium + $4 service fee

The link to the portal is here:

If you have questions about the Lloyd Sadd program email: