The College has developed an in-house new Continuing Competence exam opportunity for members worth 9 Continuing Education credits.

The CC Regulatory Knowledge exam was developed to educate, inform and direct members to the various legislation and documentation that guides the profession. All applicants entering the profession are required to complete the Ethics and Jurisprudence exam prior to registration. The CC Regulatory Knowledge exam is an extension of the Ethics and Jurisprudence exam with a deeper focus on the regulatory aspect of the profession. Questions in the exam are incorporated from areas of the Health Professions Act, Paramedic Profession Regulation, Health Professions Restricted Activity Regulation, Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, Bylaws and College policies. A resource guide to help members prepare for the exam can be found under the Announcements section of the member portal.

About the exam

The exam is a 90-minute, open book format consisting of 50 questions. As the exam is timed, it must be completed in one sitting after starting it. The questions are a variety of multiple choice and true/false. The exam is granted 9 CE credits (roughly 90 minutes to review resources or unknown areas and 90 minutes to complete the exam). You must achieve a score of 80% to be considered successful.

Your results will appear after completing the exam and be viewable in your portal. Although you have unlimited attempts at the exam at no cost, we encourage you to contact the College after two unsuccessful attempts.

Accessing the Exam

The exam can be accessed through the member portal on your Home page. Select the ‘CC Regulatory Knowledge Exam’ when you are ready to proceed. Do not proceed unless you are ready to complete the exam. (Make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the College at