Professional standards, or as legislation refers to them Standards of Practice, are essential to ensure quality care is provided to all Albertans by all healthcare professions.

The current Standards of Practice for the paramedic profession were developed and approved in 2016, as part of the profession’s proclamation under the Health Professions Act. While appropriate at the time, the Standards in force are now lacking in clarity and direction; and are in need of significant updates to reflect current best practice.

As part of the Health Professions Act, the College is required to consult with regulated members of the profession, the Minister of Health and any other persons the Council of the College considers necessary. The College is now opening the consultation period on the New Standards of Practice to regulated members, as well as our valued stakeholders in education, all employers of paramedic professionals and all Albertans.

There is great importance in this consultation, as these Standards clarify the expectations in the delivery of care by and conduct of regulated members.

Reviews from Albertans, as patients and potential patients, are needed to ensure these Standards are clear. Albertans need to be able to read these Standards and understand what to expect from Advanced Care Paramedics, Primary Care Paramedics and Emergency Medical Responders.

Educators and employers must be familiar with these Standards, and your review will help ensure the Standards align within your education programs and workplace settings.

Regulated members must review not only for their own understanding of these expectations, but also to ensure the Standards can be implemented into daily practice, and any areas of concern about the application of the Standards are identified.

Your involvement in this process ensures multiple perspectives are taken into account and that any necessary changes or additions can be incorporated in the final version of this new set of Standards.

We invite your review and comments on the proposed new Standards of Practice by February 28, 2021.

The Proposed Standards document can be found here and all feedback can be submitted through the Standards of Practice feedback form.

You can review the current Standards of Practice here.

For those who wish to review which of the current Standards will be incorporated into the new Standards, you may review the proposed changes here.