The Paramedics and emergency medical responders COVID-19 immunization FAQs are provided by Alberta Health Services.

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Who decides who will get the COIVID-19 vaccine, and when?

The Federal Government is responsible for supplying the COVID-19 vaccine while the Government of Alberta is responsible for vaccine policy setting and allocation of the vaccine. Alberta Health Services is responsible for administering the COVID-19 vaccine as part of the provincial immunization program.

Which paramedics and emergency medical responders are currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine?

As is the case with other health care workers such as physicians and nurses, not all paramedics in Alberta are eligible for the vaccine at this time.

Currently, only those paramedics who are part of the public health care system and their primary role every day is providing direct patient care and transport are eligible.

Are paramedics employed by contracted service providers eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine?

EMRs and paramedics who are working for an ambulance service licensed by the Government of Alberta including EMS contracted service provider (CSP) staff are included. Currently, only those paramedics whose primary role every day is providing direct patient care and transport are eligible.

Why are only frontline paramedics eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine at this time?

The focus of government vaccine sequencing decisions is reducing risk to patients and ensuring patient safety.

How will paramedics working for contracted service providers (CSPs) be notified of eligibility for the vaccine?

Once eligible, paramedics and EMRs will receive an email with a unique link to go online and book their appointment to get immunized. All staff are encouraged to ensure they are regularly checking email. AHS EMS has a well-coordinated provincial approach working directly with our CSPs. They have all been asked to submit master staffing lists into EMS Contract Strategy & Performance, and these lists are then validated and submitted to the AHS booking system.

I believe I am eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but I have not been notified to book an appointment. What do I do?

If you are a healthcare worker and have any questions about your eligibility, contact your supervisor or medical leader. Do not call Health Link.

At this time there are no wait lists to join or applications for early immunization consideration.

How can those who are identified as eligible book their appointment?

AHS has created a COVID-19 immunization online booking tool for identified eligible healthcare workers (phase 1, 1A) to book their COVID-19 immunization appointments online from their phones or computers. Eligible healthcare workers receive a direct email to notify them they are eligible. This email will contain a unique link. Use this link to go online and book your appointment. Please make sure to check your email regularly.

Visit the FAQ page if you have questions about the online booking process.

Important Note: The tool is not open to other phases at this time. There is currently no way to sign up to be waitlisted. Further information about booking options for future phases (1B, 2 and 3) will be communicated once available. Please continue to visit for updates.

What is the rollout plan for the vaccine for other staff and healthcare professionals?

Alberta Health maintains a vaccine rollout plan. It can be viewed here:

At this time AHS EMS has not been provided details on when the remainder of the health care professionals in Alberta will be included in the vaccine sequencing. AHS EMS is willing to coordinate with the Alberta College of Paramedics as required, to ensure an efficient and effective vaccination effort for all EMS professionals.

Will I have to pay for the vaccine?

No, the COVID-19 vaccine is free and is being offered to key populations identified in the province’s phased immunization program.

Why is Alberta distributing COVID-19 vaccine in a different way compared to other provinces?

Decisions around COVID-19 sequencing are being made very carefully. There are many factors to consider, including vaccine supply and specifically in our province at the current time, the need to support acute care capacity. We need to protect populations at highest risk of severe outcomes.