I am pleased to announce that the newly reelected member to Council is: Travis Lanoway. Congratulations Travis. With the close of our recent election, we also recognize the term completion of Luke Flowers, who officially has come to the end of his three-year term.

In June we were happy to welcome Timothy (Tim) Dyck as a new public member appointed to our Council by government. Mr. Dyck joins us as Council’s fourth public member. As many of you know, we are anticipating several new public member appointments to our Council as government works to meet the mandate of having all regulatory college councils consist of at least 50% public members.

These changes demonstrate that the composition of Council continues to change and evolve. It is important that this is permitted to continue, because it creates a nimble governing body that is continually ensuring new perspectives are brought to the governance of the profession.

Council is tasked with the responsibility of governing the profession: section 6 of the HPA “A council manages and conducts the activities of the college, exercises the rights, powers and privileges and carries out the duties of the college in the name of and on behalf of the college and carries out the powers and duties of the council under the Act and the Bylaws.”

To have a successful Council is to have a group of dedicated individuals all working towards a common goal: advancing the profession in the interest of the public. This means setting aside personal objectives and judgements. It means taking the time to learn about legislation, Bylaws and policies, and coming together to address major issues. Occasionally, I hear from members why these decisions can’t be made by holding member votes. And this is why – the work done at the Council level can be intense and there are hours spent researching and debating to ensure our decisions are sound – always making sure the interest of the public we all serve is at the heart of any decision made.

With that said, it is my pleasure to continue to serve as your President for the member year of 2021/2022 and welcome our newest members to Council. I hope you are all enjoying this lovely summer and wish you all the best health and happiness,

Melissa Manion