Some recent changes have been implemented to the CC program to create clarity and offer credits to certain training activities.


(SD credits are granted at 1 credit per 1 hour of activity. Study/Review approved for a max of 15 credits/15 hours)

Under the Self-Directed (SD) discipline, a category of activity labelled “self-study” has created confusion for members. In an effort to provide clarity to this category, it has been renamed to “Study/Review” and is defined as:

Reviewing and/or researching a particular topic to refresh current knowledge, explore new trends or enhance knowledge. Study/Review Summary Guidelines provided in the CC Program Details.

Members can claim up to 15 SD credits per CC cycle for this activity and can complete the Study/Review Summary form for supporting documentation found in the member portal. This category falls under the Self-Directed discipline as it can apply to any practice-related topic for a member and would not be approved for Continuing Education as it does not meet the program requirements.


(SD credits are granted at 1 credit per 1 hour of activity. Precepting approved for a max of 30 credits/30 hours)

Acting as a primary preceptor has always been approved for up to 30 SD credits. We also recognize that although a member may not be the primary preceptor, they may be putting in significant effort teaching as a secondary preceptor. Members who are a secondary preceptor can now claim up to 30 SD credits.

Additionally, a new form has been created for supporting documentation when claiming precepting for SD credits. This form is called the Record of Preceptorship and can be found in the member portal.

Instructor Prep

(SD credits are granted at 1 credit per 1 hour of activity. Instructor prep approved for a max of 15 credits/15 hours)

Instructing/teaching hours cannot be claimed for CC credits as it is regular employment and work hours are not eligible for credits. However, time dedicated to preparation and planning of lesson plans is now eligible for up to 15 credits of Self-Directed credits in one cycle. Members who claim these credits should complete the Instructor Prep form found in the member portal as supporting documentation.

New CPR and BLS courses approved for CE credits

St. John Ambulance CPR and BLS courses are now approved for Continuing Education (CE) credits. The approved courses are:

St. John Ambulance

The following Heart & Stroke Foundation CPR/BLS courses were approved at the beginning of the 2022/2023 CC cycle:

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