We know these next few summer months can be very busy, so we are reminding all members that renewal will kick off on August 1st.

Note: there is no increase to the practice permit fees this year. Fees remain $510.

Renewal will look different this year due to the new member portal. You will start with a three-step process including a profile update, continuing competence form completion and the regulatory requirements for renewal.

One change that will be implemented this year is that all renewing members will need to ensure their professional liability insurance does not expire on or before October 1, 2022. Members that have an expiry date listed as on or before Oct 1st will not be able to proceed with renewal until their insurance policy information is updated. This is because in the past the College only required members to have active insurance at the time they renewed and every year there was a group of members that were suspended on October 1st due to expired insurance. This will be a positive change and benefit to members as it will prevent this important detail being missed and ensure that no one is suspended at the start of the new registration cycle due to expired insurance.

Due to the different system and renewal process this renewal there may be questions therefore we ask that you give yourself enough time to renew and be able to contact the College with your questions or concerns. We are happy to help alleviate any concerns and can be reached during business hours at info@ABparamedics.com or by phone 780-449-3114.