Reminder: Renewal Kicks off August 1

We know you’ve been very busy these past few months, so we are reminding all members that renewal will kick off on August 1 (yes, the same date as the Council election vote begins).

Note: Practice permit fees will be reduced from $525 to $510 this year as the College is no longer collecting the PAC membership fee. Additionally, all members who paid the PAC fee on the last renewal will have a $15 credit applied to renewal this year, bringing the one time total to $495.

Remember to log your CC activities on your profile before you complete your renewal application. As a reminder to everyone, the require CC credits for this year is the Alberta Federation of Regulated Health Professionals (AFRHP) course: Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct and can be found here. To claim these credits, please view this simple step-by-step flowchart.

Please make sure all of your contact info (email, phone number and address) on your profile in the member portal is correct. Direct emails that come from the College to you (not the Pulse) are directly related to a regulatory process. Be sure to check your emails regularly and watch your junk and spam folders to avoid important notices that could impact your ability to practice.

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