The 2020/2021 renewal period will began August 1, 2020 and
ends at 4 pm on September 30, 2020.

All regulated healthcare providers in Alberta are required to renew their practice permit once a year. The College’s annual renewal occurs every August 1 to September 30.

Regulated members are required to complete a renewal application, pay the fees/dues for the full upcoming membership year, ensure all documentation (including proof of professional liability insurance) is up to date and meet all continuing competence requirements.

Regulated members on the provisional and general registers are required to complete the renewal process.

Regulated members on the courtesy register are not required to complete renewal.

When you completed the application process, you were added to one of the College’s registers and you become a regulated member. The provisional register is the register you start on while you wait to complete the registration examination for your designation.

While you can stay on the provisional register for a year, if the renewal period occurs in that year, you do need to renew to maintain your active registration.

As a first time member of the College, your dues were pro-rated to reflect how many months were left in the year before you would be required to renew. At renewal, you will pay the full fee for the upcoming year. For those on the provisional register, when you finish the registration examination, you will automatically move to the general register without any further fee.

For our ACP and PCP members on the provisional register, we know you will have received your results from the August COPR exam in time to make the decision to renew or wait.

For our EMR members on the provisional register who are taking the September 28 exam, we appreciate that you will not receive your results in time to decide how best to proceed. The Registrar is making a one-time allowance to waive the late fee if you prefer to receive your results before you renew. This only applies to the late fee if you renew before the November 13, 2020 deadline to reactivate your registration.

First, you do need to know that if you do not renew by September 30, your registration and practice permit will be suspended. Even though the Registrar can waive the late fee for EMR, the suspension must be applied as per legislation. This suspension will be part of your permanent record with the College.

Second, you do need to maintain an active registration with the College to be eligible to write any future exams; so you will need to either renew by 4 pm on September 30, or reactivate (by November 30). If you do not do either, your registration will be cancelled and you will have to complete a reinstatement process.

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