Continuing Competency

COVID-19 Approved for 60 Credits

In 2020, regulated members have been called upon to fill an incredible need during a global pandemic. This need came upon the profession quickly and gave no one the time to adequately prepare for the magnitude of response required. Each of you are being tested with every new announcement and are developing skills in resiliency, [...]

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The 2019/2020 CC cycle starts now

You can now begin to earn your activities to meet your 2019/2020 requirements. CC activities can only be counted toward the cycle in which they are earned/taken. The CC cycle aligns with the member year, which begins October 1 and runs through to September 30 each year. Have you checked out the Continuing Competence Program [...]

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2019 Required Competency

2019 Required Competency Register by August 31 to gain entry to the course and to complete it before the September 30 annual renewal deadline. If you register on September 1, you will not gain entry to the course until October 1, and that will be too late to meet the requirement for renewal. More information. [...]

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2019 Required Competency Announced

The required competency for the upcoming Continuing Competence cycle (January 1 – September 30) is now completed. Members are now able to register for a start date as early as January 1, 2019. CC requirement for 2019 While originally thought this course would only meet the required competency for 2019, the Council has agreed that [...]

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