Shared on behalf of the EMS Foundation

The EMS Foundation in collaboration with its many partners has secured a site on the grounds of the Alberta Legislature for the creation of an EMS Memorial dedication similar to the memorials for police officers and firefighter’s.

The EMS Foundation is looking for volunteers to join a committee that will be in charge of reviewing the criteria for eligibility to be recognized on the memorial, as well as evaluate and review names submitted to the committee.

If you are interested in joining the Alberta Paramedic Memorial Committee, please reach out to Dell Harrison at Please include why you want to be on the committee and any qualifications you can bring to the committee. Successful candidates will be contacted at a later date to discuss next steps.

Application for Memorial Recognition

The Alberta Paramedic Memorial Committee and EMS Foundation are looking for submissions of EMS members who have died in the line of duty or who should be recognized in the memorial. The committee encourages applications for EMS members who worked in any of the following capacities: a registered practitioner, military medic, worked in a prehospital capacity, on an ambulance or in the industrial setting.

Please submit the EMS Memorial Recognition Application for the committee to review.

On behalf of the EMS Foundation, thank you for your interest and support.