Member cards are typically mailed out to regulated members who request one at four intervals throughout the year. The most recent mailout, the largest one we do, was scheduled for the beginning of this member year right after renewal.

However, like many various materials during COVID times, there have been major delays and backorders on paper stock including the specialized paper that is integrated with the removable card required for the member cards.

If you have not received this card before, it is letter-sized piece of paper with a removable punchout piece that is the wallet-sized member card. We have been in constant contact with our print company and mailing house, and they anticipate the stock to arrive by the end of November with the expectation that the member cards will be mailed out to all who requested them at the beginning of December.

We understand the frustration these delays can cause and appreciate your patience throughout this process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at