You Asked Us – Why does a condition remain on my practice permit when I’m approved to administer the seasonal influenza/COVID-19 vaccine?

In August, the College released a statement that new training has been approved that would authorize PCPs to administer the seasonal influenza vaccine. This training also applies to the COVID-19 vaccine and since this announcement, the College has had a large influx of members complete the approved training and have had the endorsements added to their practice permit. However, there has also been a common area of confusion around the condition remaining on these PCPs’ practice permits that we would like to clear up.

When a PCP completes the approved training and has the endorsements, why does the condition restricting administering a vaccine remain on their practice permit?

All PCPs have the restrictive condition on their practice permit restricting them from administering a vaccine because it is a restricted activity. This condition applies to the great many different vaccines that can be administered. When a PCP passes the approved training and submits their certificate to the College, the following two endorsements are added to their practice permit:

  • Administration of COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Administration of Seasonal Influenza Vaccine

The approved training only authorizes PCPs the specific activity of administering the COVID-19 vaccine and the seasonal influenza vaccine. It does not authorize PCPs to administer all vaccines. Thus, endorsements are placed on the practice permit outlining the approved activities within a greater restricted activity. The condition must remain on the practice permit because of all the other vaccines that are not approved for administration by a PCP.

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