In 2019, due to popular demand the College resumed sending out member cards to those that requested them. These requests typically happened during renewal as there was a section of the renewal application where a new member card could be requested. Member cards were sent out four times during the renewal year to those that had requested a card following the most recent mailout and for newly registered members.

After evaluating how many members did request member cards during renewal compared to the ones that did not, the College found that most members requested a member card every year. As a result, this year all regulated members will be receiving a new member card. A full list of regulated members will be pulled in early November, after the late renewal period is closed. Members should receive a member card in the mail somewhere between mid-November to early December.

If you do not receive a member card, please ensure the mailing address in your member portal is correct and contact the College. If you misplace or lose your member card during the year and would like to request a new one, contact